Name: My dad grew up in New Hampshire, and at the age of 11, he was walking through the forest and decided to name his first daughter after his favorite plant. So here I am haha. It's my favorite plant now too of course. 
HOME: I was born in Hamilton, Montana- a beautiful town settled in the Rockies. Backpacking, camping, canoeing, and skiing were all a part of my childhood; I truly have a deep love for the outdoors. 
EDUCATION: I graduated from Hamilton High School in 2023 and am a current student at Dartmouth College in New Hampshire. I am on track to study Earth Sciences, Geography, and Music and hope to continue on to study Earth's cold regions with a focus on climate change.
ART: Music, jewelry, and photography are three art forms that I adore. Writing songs and playing the ukulele by the fire always fills me with joy. I am a pround member of the lovely Dartmouth Decibelles a-capella group, which was the first women's a-capella group on campus. I also adore making rings and necklaces to share with friends and family! Lastly, film and digital photography are both mediums I enjoy - being able to save a moment or memory in a photograph is such a beautiful thing. Check out my home page for some of my pics! And reach out if you're looking for someone to shoot photos for ya!
ASPIRATIONS: One of my greatest dreams is to become an explorer for National Geographic... maybe with a focus on glaciers or in the Arctic. I also, one day, hope to make the National PSIA-AASI Alpine Demo Team. Furthermore, I want to start my own non-profit someday to help young girls and women learn to ski (can you tell what my favorite sport is)! These dreams will take a lot of time and development, so in the meantime, continuing my education both on and off the slopes is my goal! My greatest aspiration in life, though, is to make people smile and spread joy where I can :)

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